Born in January of 2003, Kool Daddy Motorcicles is             

one of the most respected bike establishments. Know originally for early model Harley and vintage bike expertise, KDMC has expanded to accept early British model motorbikes + the generation of carbureted Evolution model V-Twins (with fuel injected models falling into mileage interval services only) + Twin Cam (now accepting ESP - Harley Davidson extended service warranty work.

We derive a great sense of accomplishment from complete restorations - it has always been a highlight for the shop to bring a bike back to it's original state. For our customers who prefer something different - we also enjoy doing period correct customs and traditional vintage changes to their motorcycles. We provide a process of involvement to bring out what our customers want.

Motor and transmission overhauls, chassis and electrical issues, frame up jobs and or repairs - whatever the need contact Kool Daddy.